Friday, June 5, 2009

Just DANCE -

Okay, I haven't posted in a long while, haven't felt inspired or haven't remembered to do so... besides that -
I have decided to take this small moment to tell the one person who reads this blog - ME - to remember to .. Just Dance - yes, like the lady GaGa song - da da doo doo, just dance.
So much a part of my memory is music - at least the triggor points. I feel my memories through music. I hear a song that takes me back to a time in my life and I feel for a brief second, that time again - when Natalie was born - the season premier of Greys Anatomy was just about to air so all I heard was The Frey - how to save a life - now, when I hear that song, I feel that feeling again, that feeling of just having my first child - When Sylvia was born COMPLETELY different song - it was Jesse Mcartny - the G-V song .. anyways, I didn't realize just how important the music memories were to me until the other day when I was driving down the road listening to some Reba and her song "you lie" came on - holy crap I was 12 again - My dad used to put that song on loud as can be and we would all whail (I think me more than anyone else) trying to hit those high notes... You LIEEEEEEEE, you don't want to hurt me .. so you LIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE - Driving down the road I grinned from ear to ear and you know what I did ... I tried yet again, 17 years later to hit that high note - gave myself a headache and a smile all at the same time - I decided then and there that I was going to make music memories and plenty of other wacky memories for my kids too ... sooooo, in 17 years when Natalie is driving down the road she is going hear .. just dance...da da doo doo - and she is going to grin from ear to ear and start to dance -
Happy memories are important - cause your child to grin from ear to ear when they get older - ; ) and every day along the way -

Friday, May 1, 2009

Sylvias Weekend of Fun in the Sun!

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Little hams

Natalie is making us dinner -

Natalie dressed herself - she has on three shirts (the one on the right way she didn't do) the pants she did - the socks, she got help -
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Monday, March 30, 2009

My Girls -

Here is Natalie at 6 Months - in the "pink dress"
Here is Sylvia at 8 months in the "pink dress" I forgot the hat - which upsets me because it is right in that room off to the corner - i will do it all again once the dress is clean again - soooo, next month : )

Super Fast weekend...

This weekend flew by -
when someone asks me "did you have a good weekend" I seriously had to stop and think. Honestly Natalie was a complete bear! From the very second I picked her up at daycare on Friday she was having issues. Attention issues. You would think I never gave this girl the time of day the way she was acting. BAD BAD BAD EVIL EVIL EVIL
I put ABSOLUTELY NO RED JUICE on her sheet at her new daycare. There are two shifts there and I think the second "younger" shift keeps forgeting about the Red40 - ugh.. anyways, back to the weekend. Sylvia is an angel. Sweetest thing ever - teething for sure - I would be super surprised if when I get her from daycare tonight she doesn't have at least one of those top ones poking through. Thank goodness for pictures because when I look back at them - I will take Natalies fits anyday because all in all it was a good weekend - minus the fighting and yelling, screaming and me wanting to leap off of a bridge -
Here are some pictures.. lets see... a Sweeney Weekend -
Little Drummer Girls

Chef boy r brat

Grrrr - show me how you really feel

poking out of the fort -

Planting plants in the house ??

Daddy and Nattie - two very sloppy people - planting tomato plants in the house - dirt in the house!!!!
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